Sounds list

Pink Noise Helping you sleep better, this noise is said by some to be better than white noise but this sound is one where every octave carries the same frequency placing your ears in equilibrium!

Brown Noise An excellent aid for sleep, this noise will place you in a trance allowing you to rest easy for hours on end.

White Noise The most famous sound for sleeping peacefully in high quality is here! Always makes for a good nights rest.

Heart Beat Babies love to hear a mother's heart beat but when mommy can't be there there's always your phone to take care of the job! Babies will be lulled to sleep by your phone.

Crackling Fire Enjoy the feeling of sitting around the fireplace or a beautiful fire in the comfort of your own bed. You don't even have to make the fire!

Ocean Waves Quality sounds of beach ocean waves splashing into land. A simply remarkable way transition into your dreams.

Forest Rain It's like having a tropical forest in your home without the environment. Enjoy soothing sounds of rain falling crisply as you lie in melancholy.

And also — Vacuum Cleaner
— Nature Trail
— Ticking Clock
— Kettle Boiling
— Airplane Midflight